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The White Album: Dirt NASTY

March 24, 2010

This shit is amazing and hilarious.

DJ Stretch Armstrong and Dirt Nasty dropped The White Album mixtape today.  All the classic white rapper instrumentals mixed with Dirt Nasty’s debauchery.  Ill.

Collabs with Andy Milonakis, Beardo, Andre Legacy and drops from Vanilla Ice, Paul Wall, Alchemist, Everlast, and Asher Roth.

Favortie tracks: “Feel The Vibrator” and “Party Machine”

Download it for free here and follow him on twitter @Dirt_Nasty.  Funny as fuck.



I’m So F*cking Pumped Right Now II

May 8, 2009

Watch how he makes it “Ice.”  HA!!

Nothing gets me more pumped  than watching Casey Jones wreck fools.

Turtle power,


Word To Your Mother: Jim Carrey Playing Vanilla Ice on ‘In Living Color’

November 6, 2008

 Honestly, if you didn’t mess with In Living Color back in the day you were sleeping. There were some amazing skits and personalities that came out of there, and I think it’s safe to say one of the most notable was Jim Carrey. This is too funny. –Yoelian

Word To Your Mother: Cross Colors Returns!

October 28, 2008

I don’t know what it is, but every once in a while I get a little nostalgic about the nineties. There was so much dope shit that came out of the nineties, and I felt the need to make a weekly category for all things 90s. Anyway, I’m calling it ‘Word to your Mother’, a quote penned by the poet/philosopher/political activist Vanilla Ice.

For my first installment, what better way to start this party right than show everyone’s favorite 90s clothing line, Cross Colors. The other day I decided to google Cross Colors randomly, and found that they are back in action! I think a European mogul resurged the company and probably bought the name. Why am I kind of feeling some of their new gear for real? Its totally different then the original stuff, and I’m assuming by the looks of it that it’s more expensive. Anyway, check out some of these pics of early 90’s Cross Colors attire to refresh your memory and click on the link below to go to their new site and see their fresh fall line up.

P.S. How funny is this Yo! MTV Raps/Cross Colors poster promo! –Yoel aka Yoelian Chambers III