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Just for hands

May 11, 2010


Lanky people of the universe unite!!



Ice Cube and Kickflips

August 4, 2009

Absolutely amazing commercial.  Gotta give it up to Paul Rodriguez, such an animal.

Why does Ice Cube always make the Ice Cube face?


Chaz Ortiz is a Beast

May 12, 2009

14 years old and a complete animal.

Cop this new DVD by Paul Rodriguez here



April 30, 2009

I bought Glen E. Friedman’s Fuck You Heroes yesterday.  It’s in it’s fourth printing since 1994, with the photo quality just slightly revised.

From his work with the DogTown crew to Black Flag and Run DMC, Friedman encompasses everything that is hardcore.

Truly bodacious.

Peep his blog idealistpropaganda.


Snake Prints and Eyelets

April 16, 2009


Spruce Kendo for the DC Summer 2009 line.

The biggest size they have right now though is 9.5. 

Yea I know, even little dudes wear  at least a 10.

C’mon Rob, get it together.


New Kicks: Mark Gonzales

April 8, 2009


Not hi-tops but I’m totally diggin these.

Mark Gonzales Polson ST for the Adidas spring collection.

Gonzales is a beast.


Everyone at the Skatepark Hates You

January 12, 2009

Because you showed up with this. Louis motherfucking Vuitton? Skating, damn, it’s like that now, huh?