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Nick Cannon Wants to ‘Tango’ With Eminem

May 11, 2009


So after just 24 hours of Eminem’s album leaking, Nick Cannon has responded via his blog  to a song which pokes fun at Cannon and his shorty doo wop, Mariah.  The song is titled “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” and is featured 0n “Relapse”. Here’s a little snippet of what he had to say on his site.

“I’m taking full action on you Eminem. I do’t know why no one has stood up to your bitch ass yet. But I guess it’s going to take a corny, wack rapping, boy toy from Nickelodeon to set you straight. And trust, I am going to be relentless. Even though I got a lot of other obligations and occupations, you are my new full time job ‘homey’! I asked myself should I go find this Bitch and just whoop his little ass?

Is it getting spicy in here or is it just me? Click read the rest.

German Cha Cha Cha: Eminem Edition

May 8, 2009
Vodpod videos no longer available. 


I actually laughed out loud a few times with this one. 

The host is on point, thick.  I mean, there’s a sliding stage, nuff said.

“I divide you by fucking”… just wait for it buddy.


Another Creepy Album Trailer

April 30, 2009

Yesterday I showed you Dark Night of the Soul.

Today, I present Eminem’s 3 A.M.

Creepy fucks UNITE!!!



April 21, 2009

For those who love to play with their food, but want something a little more edgy…

Pill Shady


Jimi Hempdrix



We Made You

April 7, 2009