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Goodbye John

December 17, 2009

It’s official.  John Frusciante has quit the Chili Peppers.

The band went on an indefinite hiatus a year ago, but John has issued a statement on his website saying that he’s moving on for good.

To put it simply, my musical interests have led me in a different direction. Upon rejoining, and throughout my time in the band, I was very excited about exploring the musical possibilities inherent in a rock band, and doing so with those people in particular. A couple of years ago, I began to feel that same excitement again, but this time it was about making a different kind of music, alone, and being my own engineer.

It’s understood that there’s no bad vibes amongst the band though.  Everyone is kinda doing their own thing.  Flea’s worked with Thom Yorke and Patti Smith, Chad’s got the Bombastic Meatbats and Chickenfoot, and Anthony is working on a series based on Scar Tissue.

It’s a sad day, but I still look forward to what these dudes bring in the future.  Maybe we can expect a Chili Pepper reunion 2015… i’ll be there.



Special Wishes to Michael Peter Balzary

October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday.


Anthony Kiedis Rules

May 18, 2009

Last Friday, the dude of dudes, Anthony Kiedis was awarded the Stevie Ray Vaughn Award for his support in the MusiCares MAP Fund.  He co-founded MusiCares as a way to help recovery addicts.  Read Scar Tissue and it makes sense.

The Chili Peppers rocked it at the Nokia Theater with guests Ron Wood on guitar and Iggy Pop raging on the mic…(a lot of Iggy lately, I know).

Iggy and Kiedis were both wearing black pants and no shirt.


Free Your Mind So Your Behind Can Follow

March 30, 2009

Happy Monday people.

Ahhh, now I’m awake.


John & Flea & Omar

March 20, 2009

Yea, it’s a little long and it’s not a completely new video, but nonetheless, it ranks very high on the Bodacious Meter.

So for those of you like me, who are sitting at your desk at the office, chatting with buddies on AIM, and just can’t do any work because of ADD Friday, then chill out and take yourself on a musical journey-bro.


Chickenfoot: I wish I thought of that band name first

February 4, 2009

Sammy Hagar. Michael Anthony.  Joe Satriani. Chad Smith. Rockballs.


Peep the audio, it actually sounds kind of dope.

According to Anthony, CHICKENFOOT is putting the finishing touches on its debut album and is preparing to mix the effort, which is expected later in the year. Satriani described the band’s musical direction as “high-energy, kick-ass rock’n’roll. We all bring to the table some unusual influences and then we also share a lot of roots. And I think that’s where a true color of a band comes out, just how we react to each other. So, it’s definitely rock music. We haven’t brought each other together to do a techno record.”

Thank you Blabbermouth.


RCHP: 1986 Interview is Madness

December 10, 2008

Wow. One of the greatest, most dysfunctional interviews I’ve ever seen. Priceless. Owning the VJ so tough.

Notice Anthony Kiedis nearly never removes his hand from Flea’s inner-thigh.


John Frusciante: “Unreachable”

December 2, 2008


New shize!

Just heard John Frusciante’s newest track “Unreachable” from his upcoming album The Emyprean that will be released on January 20, 2009.  It’s John on guitar and vocals, Flea on bass, and Josh Klinghoffer on electric keys.  He’s looking really similar to a bearded John Lennon these days.  Shyea.