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i tried

February 18, 2010

i had a post in mind, but couldn’t get you tube to work.   i hope this still counts as a post.  what can i do? i guess tell u about my day,  i worked today, which sucked, i’d rather smell a skunks ass.  then i had some beer, that was fucking awesome. i played basketball at beverly hills high school in an adult rec league, we won and it made me feel old.  then did some vocals for amazing nation wide awaited music.  Its now near 5am and i can almost guarantee i will masturbate before i sleep.



Happy Bday Rauschy, Here’s a cheers to you buddy

February 12, 2010

Picture Me Rollin in my 500 Benz..

October 2, 2009

My old Jetta was nice, it did me well for a bit, but i just figured it was time to step my game up.  So i copped a lil sumthin.  Theres an ice cold 40 and a box of condoms in the trunk.  gyea!!!!


Happy Birthday 2pac Shakur. 1971-1996 R.I.P.

June 16, 2009

No words can do the proper justice in describing how i feel about your impact. 2PAC

This is what your fridge looks like when you move out of moms.

May 14, 2009

A forty for dinner.  A reesec’s for dessert.  That bacon is too old to eat. IMG_0431

This is a Poem i wrote. It’s called “Nothing”.

May 9, 2009

i feel like shit,

i made it this way,

i’ve done it and i will do it again,

my bottom lip reaches my forehead,

all is see spins in depth,

fuck you good man,

you are no friend of mine,

i am here

where where you when i needed you,

and now you whisper justice,

fuck you,

i leave you as i did the others,

no different,

here i am.

i am here,

fuck you,

fuck you 

We Call Him Terry

May 6, 2009

Our homie T is getting married.  For me this is the first immediate friend i’ve known since my youth that is going thru with this outrageous act.  And i say good for him. . .  Someone had to be first, Bless his grease filled heart.  So this is a pic at his engagement party. He and his future wife were outside greeting people, as myself and my comrade K-40 were handling real business, brewing it up and watching the NBA playoffs.   This is how its done folks, that bucket was done by the end of our stay.  Thanks for driving Joe.


This is a bird.

May 5, 2009


Glad ur back Bobby!

April 30, 2009

Our buddy went to the motherland for a while. Doing big things, making this world a little bit better. Now he’s back and the crime fighting shall continue. Cheers to Bob.


i can totally relate to this man… Howard Hughes.

March 30, 2009

My birthday just passed this weekend. I had lots of fun. And now I have to come back to reality. What a bummer. 


You mess with me.. You mess with him.

March 26, 2009

My sister may be the one you wanna party with.  But my bro is the one you want with you when your at a bar and some guy comes up to you and says “hey! did you grab my girls ass?”  then you say “yea i did, what’s it to you fatty?”  


Kids..Dont try this at home..

March 25, 2009

If your looking to party,  my sister is the person you need to call.  Get em sis.

-Love Bob


Sometimes too much, is just too much.

March 19, 2009

Some of the homies and I went down to long beach recently to hang with our buddies down there. Usually we have a few brews,  play some video games,  watch some Tupac videos to pump us up, then we hit the town and show these punks who’s the boss.  But this man here, unfortunately just doesn’t know when enough is enough.  Get it together Mr. Dub.



March 17, 2009

My buddy COOK had an event this past sunday with VIMBY, it was a party for the release of his new COOK CLASSICS MIX TAPE.  Pretty cool,  great turn out, a lot of cute ladies, free booze… what more can a guy ask for. After a drink or two (or three)  I realized that i needed to pee, so i asked the security guard where the nearest establishment for urinary services was. He pointed me in the direction of what is basically an out-house, naturally i’m already a little skeptical, but i figure what the heck,  i gotta do what i gotta do.  And sure enough,  i open the door to handle my business and i find THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tasty Time

March 15, 2009

This was a self made, home made, woman pleasing meal.  yes… she was thoroughly  satisfied as she watched me consume this scrumptious platter of manhood. i appreciate your concern.   There are two fried chicken breasts under those grilled onions.  i fried em myself. avocado, tehe, baked potato, sour cream, salt en pepa,  tomato for you healthy scum, and thats it. i had some wine probably too.  Rachel Ray eat your stupid heart out!!!  This is little neez saying get off of Allen Iversons back.


In the spirit of Friday the 13th i had to do it…

March 13, 2009

My birthday is at the end of this month. come to my party  🙂


Read em’ and weap… First Draft!!!

February 26, 2009

This is before everything.  I never thought i would sing. i was a straight rugged mc.  A young punk. I may have even been a virgin. but i cant remember.  jesus. i’ve said too much.  point is,  this shit is dope and i’m the man. The real Lil’ Neez.  “these coward ass suckas try to play for jokes..”

Peace to New York

February 25, 2009

I was walking to the corner store to get a 40, and i came across this. I thought LaRoushe and Calzone would get a kick out of it.


Keep us plump.

February 25, 2009

Yesterday was the honorable pancake celebration day. Just what America needs. All you can god damn eat pancakes. Lets keep the kids obese.  Dont get me wrong, i dig on flapjacks, i just have my own reasons to say “fuck pancake day”  Cheers everyone.


Get em’ Chay

February 21, 2009

My sister Leah made this painting a while back and i gotta say..  its pretty damn sweet. Now it sits in my messy apartment.  Good for her… good for me.


Ladies and gents. I present……SERGIO!!!

February 19, 2009

I HAD THE HONOR OF MEETING THIS MAN AT MY SUPERBOWL PARTY.  SERGIO IS A BONA FIDE  P.I.M.P.    BLESS HIS HEART.   (p.s. i dont really know his name, he just looks like a sergio to me)