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Courtesy of our good homie the AmC…

October 22, 2009

We love video games, the AmC and myself have been infatuated since our childhood. He was kind enough to share this oldy but goody with with me,  and now i am offering the same act of kindness,  the same act of genuine  generosity to you sons of bitches.

Daft Punk – DJ Hero

September 17, 2009


And no, it’s not just like the real thing for the last fyyyucking time. Your mother wants you to get a job on October 27th, 2009.

– “Around the World” vs. Young MC “Bust A Move”
– “Da Funk” vs. NASA “Strange Enough ft. Karen O, ODB and Fatlip”
– “Da Funk” vs. Queen “Another One Bites the Dust”
– “Robot Rock” vs. Hashim “Al-Naafiysh” – Produced and mixed by The Scratch Perverts
– “Robot Rock” vs. Queen “We Will Rock You”
– “Short Circuit” vs. Boogie Down Productions “Jack Of Spades”
– “Technologic” vs. Gary Numan “Cars”
– “Television Rules The Nation” vs. No Doubt “Hella Good”

Gary Numan – Cars? hmm….

Cobain Is My Hero

August 26, 2009

Whether you fuck with Guitar Hero or not, i’d say 100% of people fuck with Kurt Cobain.  And that’s why this shit is dope.

They got it right too.  From the sweater, to the left handed jag-stang, to his sway.  Definitely rocked my baqls.  I mean balls.

No, I mean baqls.


Mild Lyrics, Tobacco Reference

August 18, 2009

I can’t help but be completely fascinated by this game.  They even got ringo’s hi hat swing on point. 

You kinda forget you’re watching a video game. 


8-bit Weezer

July 21, 2009

8-bit Weezer

Pterodactyl Squad’s 8-bit Weezer cover compilation, which is already being heralded as one of the best chiptune introduction and gateway collections ever assembled

I’m posting the only three worth hearing. Some are actually kinda wack because they’re not really 8-bit.

(Streams Quicktime in browser)

In The Garage
We Are All On Drugs
El Scorcho

If you must you can download/listen the whole thing here.

Video Games Just Got Insane.

July 2, 2009

Just Watch.  Now you won’t need a controller to play.

Be a Beatle

June 2, 2009

Wooooow, The Beatles Rock Band could be one of the greatest video games of all time. 

There’s gonna be 45 songs total, custom guitars and drum set, annnnd you’ll be able to harmonize with multi-vocalists. 

Ill x 10.

Right after I buy my new Fender, I’m gonna buy an Xbox…and then a Hofner.


It’s Better Than Efffer

June 1, 2009


I don’t know whats more interesting. The consoles, or the console wars between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Here’s a new one for you.

Leaked photos of the PSP Go.


I <3 Nostalgia

May 25, 2009

Busey ControllerOriginal NES games on Wii are about to get real with this contraption. And that brings a tear to me eye.


Little Mac is Back

May 13, 2009


Now all we need is a Power Glove.


DJ LaRoushe Hands of Fire & Desire

May 7, 2009

DJ Hero

So this is the controller we’re gonna be dealing with for DJ Hero.  I don’t know if it’s gonna come with two turntables, or just the one. 

All I gotta say is that I’m growing out a mustache and buying a leather jacket immediately.

DJ LaRoushe HoFD

Rocking Out With Nintendo DSi

April 27, 2009

Jamie Lidell gets down thick.

Taking remixing to a whole new level.   Look out for the Calzonic breakdown at 2:35.

Peep his original version of Figured Me Out here.

Watch your back,


Street Fighter 4 Finals: Mike Ross

April 24, 2009

This is the Street Fighter 4 national finals that took place last Saturday.

My homebrodius Mike Ross (brother of Jon Ross), made it to the finals.

His character: E. Honda… You know, the big ass sumo wrestler known for the hundred hand slap and the flying torpedo headbutt.

Although Sir Ross lost this match, he is still undoubtedly ranked #2 in the country and will be slapping the shit out of dudes in Las Vegas at the EVO 2009 Tournament in July.

Thank you for giving me an excuse to go to Vegas.

In respect to Diddy’s “Hero Day“…Mike Ross, you are my hero.


Super Luigi Bros. The Definition of Lonely

April 12, 2009

No matter what, Mario’s been there, done that. Poor Luigi. Btw, don’t look for a climactic ending here, it’s just a day in the life of a man always being #2.


Virtual Graffiti

April 2, 2009

We should use this to make a flyer.


I’ll Defeat Anyone in Call of Duty

March 31, 2009


A-dub, I’m going to kick your fuckin ass.


Periodic Table of Video Game Controllers

March 23, 2009

periodic_table_controllers_med-1Knowing your history 101. Interesting concept, I can dig it. Also, kinda fresh that the artist chose to put empashis on the buttons rather than the design of the controller. Click here to view it in full resolution.


Ghostface & Doom In Chinatown Wars

February 27, 2009

This is gonna be some shit.



X-Men Origins-Wolverine: This Video Game is gonna be amazing…

February 24, 2009


Ok, so here’s the deal.  There’s a new door that’s going to open on this blog, and its video games.  I dont know how many people who check this page are into video games, but hopefully i will show u things that will shed some light as to why you should.  Did you ever play with action figures as a kid?  Have you ever gotten smashed by yourself and wondered why your life turned out as it has? then lets rock.  Wolverine is a legend, we all know this. But never has a game encompassed all the elements that will truly allow a gamer to genuinely feel the experience of playing as Logan.  Since the game has not been released yet, obviously i have not played it, but based on the reviews i’ve read, and on the screen shots i’ve seen, i’m willing to get hopeful.  In a nut shell. Wolverines special powers are : rapid healing ability,  (he could get HIV and his immune system would laugh),  his indestructible beyond razor sharp claws,  and his mad man all out mentality. For the first time it seems that we are able to fully explore these abilities.  We can use these deadly claws to violently and gorily sever body parts from enemies. Conventionally in video games,  when a character receives damage, they have a health bar which determines the amount of “life” the player has.  In this game,  you actually see the deterioration of wolverines flesh, down to his metal bones. If you avoid adversary contact for a short period of time, he will heal and again flesh will cover the skeleton. These are small examples for what seems to be a very well thought out game. I look forward to its release in the next few months.

P.S. ” pour some liquor on the curb for the homies that deserve it.” 2pac r.i.p.