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“Naked Time” Album Art & Tracklisting

June 21, 2010

The official album art, completed by yours truly. Here it is in all it’s glory.


01. Stepped On The Scene
02. Burn It Down
03. Red Walls
04. City In Water
05. Booze
06. When Can I See You
07. Questions


Nude. Tayne.

June 21, 2010

Celery man jacking my dance moves. No, I’m fucking serious. Dude, whatever.

So Joe & Eric Came Over

June 6, 2010

Shabadedee it is.

Blackstreet Teddy: Doing It Right

May 28, 2010

Grown menz do cry. šŸ˜¦

i <3 dogs.

May 13, 2010

Listen, everyone in the world knows I have nothing against dogs. And that is precisely why Cujo and I were able to team up to make a major motion picture together. Please enjoy, while I try to successfully finish out my “vacation” here in New Zealand.

If youtube decides that I’ve broken some rules, there is this version for emergency use. Cheers.

Thanks to Mario Lopez

VIDEO: New Kingdom @ the Roxy Theatre w/ Nikka Costa

April 13, 2010

Here’s a little compilation from the our portion of the evening. This was of course before Nikka Costa absolutely killed it. Props to the Roxy Theatre for always holding it down.

Watch for the cymbal break at 00:26

YouTube link | Vimeo link

The Making of “Stepped On The Scene” Music Video

March 29, 2010

We got some pictures and nice video for you. Please, stick around and enjoy yourself. I know I did.

“Burn It Down” Live @ The Viper Room

March 25, 2010

Big thanks to the Viper Room for being so bodacious. Janelle Monae, you’re the shit. Gary Busey, return my goddamn texts.

Thanks to Eric Bootonic for the vid.

B*ners In Bed

February 26, 2010

AsĀ much as IĀ can’t even count on one hand how many honors this fine motion picture masterpieceĀ has received, I am confident this will only fuel your hate for me and my family. Boners In Bed was something Noah and I madeĀ years ago. and often inside jokes don’t translate well, especially with minimal dialogue for more on this issue please seeĀ Juiceface.

Listening Pleasures (Part II)

February 21, 2010

Dude bro. Dude fucking bro. When this came on, I got up out of my chair and slammed my Lego “Space Edition” set right through my LCD flatscreen, baked a wedding cake, dropped it off my balcony and called up all my friends to discuss my sex life AKA boner jams 2010. Let’s fucking do this!

Listening Pleasures

February 10, 2010

If I had done things right when I was younger,Ā  I wouldn’t have started playing drums. I would’ve picked up a 8-bit midi controller and stuck my head in a fruit basket.

Before you dress, caress.

Deep Thoughts

January 6, 2010

Noah poses a good question. Then he blows our minds.

Big ups to Bootonic for the wonderful soundtrack entitled “Frozen Foods”

I Spent Time Off F***ing Around

December 8, 2009

I spent 30 hours in Dallas and came back with only digital documents. I hope you enjoy this as much as my mother did.

I was granted with an all access pass inside Cowboys Stadium and managed to not to ruin it for myself, or my friends. Well, sometimes you just gotta take your food to go and slap some spaghetti on your face, then call it a day.

Don’t even worry, there’s bonus footage (since the 100’s of millions of die hard fans have been asking, you want it you got it, -ToyotaĀ®)

You’re not alone, I know of many people that would kill to kill me. Thank you for taking time out to waste your life on this post. More to come, and I’m not just saying that, I do it for the children.

Sleep When You’re Dead

December 3, 2009

If the patch doesn’t work, try carrying your smokes in this.

Death Post #2

December 3, 2009

This is a little extreme, but apparently this airs as a commercial overseas. Allow me to share.

Man, it’s just raining fucking polar bears.


November 9, 2009

Now that’s what i call rage volume 7.

Los Angeles Football Stadium

November 4, 2009


I’m just waiting for someone to tell me that this is too good to be true.

Drums & Bass of Death

November 4, 2009


Halloween happened. And it was a bloody mess.


Take a Walk in Spike Jonze’s Shoes & Slap the Shit Outta Kanye

October 28, 2009

‘Anything to help my career.’

Reebok vs. LA Gear

October 18, 2009

pUmpsOk, first off… I would like someone to impale me with a broomstick. These are special. It’s kinda safe to say everybody remembers Reebok Pumps from back in the day, let alone all the recent re-releaseses. But what better opportunity than this to get nostalgic over some other short lived sneaks that are really only remembered by few….

LA Gear Regulators

The Regulator: The inflatable shoe craze of the early 1990s spawned this shoe, L.A. Gear’s answer to the Reebok Pump. The shoe featured a large pumping button on the tongue (much larger than the Reebok Pump’s was) and a switch on top that deflated the shoe when pushed to the right.

There is probably only a handful of people who can recall these. The pump on these shizens were like twice the size. But if you really want to go overboard….

Not only did they help me dunk on fools, but they got me through college.

Hi, My Name is Scruffy, and I’m an Addict.

October 17, 2009

An addict of being nutso badutso.

Welcome to Douchecrest City

October 10, 2009

MS-Sneaker $450. Yeah, hardcore. I’ll tell you what I’d pay for these, (assuming I wanted an entire bucket of haterade dumped on me the second I stepped out in public) uhhh $135? Still, I would never rock them because deep down inside, I’m a scared, defeated man. I welcome you to Douchecrest City.

Late Night Bros Want the “Bonus Jack”

October 10, 2009


Yeah, that’s sexual. Listen, I’m smashed, I’m down, I totally need it in my life. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna stop writing this, and head over to get one right now.

Actual photo:


Jesus fucking Christ.

Dude Films Himself During Avalanche

October 7, 2009


A skier gets buried in an avalanche, he is rescued only 4 and a half minutes later. Everything get caught on film by the video camera attached on his helmet. This was a decent sized avalanche. 1,500 feet the dude fell in a little over 20 seconds. The crown was about 1 – 1.5m. The chute that he got sucked through to the skier’s right was flanked on either side by cliff bands that were about 30m tall. He luckily didn’t break any bones and obviously didn’t hit anything on the run out.

Avalanche at 1:10

Twitter Shitter

October 7, 2009

Twitter Shitter

And ‘by far’ i really mean ‘seems right’.

twitter shitter

But this is nothing, you should see Noah’s own personal photography collection (warning: graphic). Man, I don’t know how I feel about this, I mean, what if my mom reads this blog… what if my people at work are looking at this? It’s too late. I’m in too deep.

Neckface – Ruining Lives in Miami

October 4, 2009

This dude is still the man.

Halloween will mark the opening of Neckfaceā€™s latest creative initiative as he will debut his ā€œDevilā€™s Disciplineā€ Haunted House. A preview as of now features a mannequin of Neckface himself created to mimic his own death. The little preview installation went as far as to incorporate Neckfaceā€™s own hair. According to the video the O.H.W.O.W. event will take place at NW 32nd and NW 7th Ave in the Wynwood area of Miami.

My Skin is Melting, Sorta.

October 4, 2009


Walking around like a son of a bitch.

We didn’t plan this in our minds, but we planned it in our hearts.

October 1, 2009


We’re buddies… Yellow Tees Foreverz.

Bearsharktopus Really F*cked Up My Vacay. Hard.

September 22, 2009


Fight to the Death

September 21, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the closest thing to battling yourself. 1959 vs. 2009.