Miike Snow: As Nasty As They Want To Be


This video is so fucking good.

Miike Snow is one of the greatest things to ever happen on so many levels.

So was 2 Live Crew.

This song “The Rabbit” is on the Miike Snow Deluxe Album. Cop that shit immediately son.




3 Responses to “Miike Snow: As Nasty As They Want To Be”

  1. Little Neez Says:

    girl dancing with the boy in the beginning is sexy as hell. miike snow makes me want to be a better man, makes me want to donate to charity, makes me want to drive 90 miles an hour thru the streets of beverly hills.

  2. Trina Mitchell Says:

    I like this Joe! thanks for sharing. I’m slowly starting to feel hip again.

  3. Trina Mitchell Says:

    P.s I love the sexy black women in this video. I want to be a video vixen. Fuck Columbia! I’m starting my auditions tomorrow.

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