i <3 dogs.


Listen, everyone in the world knows I have nothing against dogs. And that is precisely why Cujo and I were able to team up to make a major motion picture together. Please enjoy, while I try to successfully finish out my “vacation” here in New Zealand.

If youtube decides that I’ve broken some rules, there is this version for emergency use. Cheers.

Thanks to Mario Lopez


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2 Responses to “i <3 dogs.”

  1. Little Neez Says:

    sucks to be a rabid dog in a world full of simple men who eat fruits and vegetables. poor dog, why would a mortal man attempt to grab his bone, its sooooo weird. omg, lol, wtf, seriously slut.

  2. Ev Turn Says:

    for the goddamn last time, what the fuck are fruits and vegetables?!!¿

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