Banksy vs. Robbo


The street art battle is getting real thick.

Robbo, an orginator and pioneer of street art.  A legend in England.

Banksy, you know the dealz.

Simply, Banksy covered up a 25 year old classic Robbo piece on a canal wall under a bridge.  The piece which once read ROBBO INC. was now banksified below.

Robbo then stepped out of retirement at 40 yrs old to regain his legacy.

Peep the Wall Street Journal article for more crazy pics.  I wish I was there to throw a few RIFF 89’s in the mix.




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One Response to “Banksy vs. Robbo”

  1. A-Dub Says:

    This feud is outrageous.

    Robbo is bringing the fight to Banksy. The one sleeping giant that would have been better left alone…

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