i tried


i had a post in mind, but couldn’t get you tube to work.   i hope this still counts as a post.  what can i do? i guess tell u about my day,  i worked today, which sucked, i’d rather smell a skunks ass.  then i had some beer, that was fucking awesome. i played basketball at beverly hills high school in an adult rec league, we won and it made me feel old.  then did some vocals for amazing nation wide awaited music.  Its now near 5am and i can almost guarantee i will masturbate before i sleep.



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4 Responses to “i tried”

  1. A-Dub Says:


  2. Ev Turn Says:

    this will count.

  3. Ev Turn Says:

    I’m hungry, pancakes?

  4. Enrique Enfuego Says:

    whoa ^ read my mind, I’m down

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