Free School x Bang.Alter.


Our buddy Replay (also known as PLIIIIIIIIZZZZZZ!!) is in a 4-member band/writing team/production monster called Free School.

The collective of prolific co-writers – Jean Baptiste, Michael McHenry, Nick “Public” Marsh, and Replay (just Replay) – have quietly been writing hit songs for chart-topping, platinum-selling pop acts, including Kid Cudi (“Heart of a Lion), Kelis (her forthcoming album), Black Eyed Peas, and Good Charlotte, to name a few.

Peep they’re myspace, super dope crew.

They have a classic banger called “Give It To Me” that our other buddy MATTER and his production partner Adam Berg (together they’re Bang.Alter.) just recently remixed.  Also super dope.

Peep the remix here.

Both Replay and MATTER are two of the nicest, most genuine, and coolest people that I’ve ever come across in my life.  Support their shit!!

Love you dudes.



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