The New Anthem


me:  you ready for the anthem?

Noah:  lets do this

Noah:  hahahhah

Noah:  what????

Noah:  this is absurd

me:  greatest line up ever. tyrese, r.kelly, robin thicke, the dream

Noah:  are u hearing r kellys lyrics?

Noah:  what??????

me:  wait for tyrese’s. this song is amazing,  so straight forward

Noah:  is this new?

me:  yea

Noah:  i think r kelly takes the cake for not giving a damn. his lyrics sound like jokes. like something we’d make up smashed singing in the car, hahha awesome

me:  robin thicke with the soft voice, tyrese with the soulful voice

me:  they cover all grounds

Noah:  i was thinking that too

me:  r. kelly cares not about anything

Noah:  they cover it all, hahah

Noah:  i’m surprised he didnt use the word “boner”

me:  the chorus is ” i want to get you pregnant”

Noah:  hahahahhahahhaahah

Noah:  i could not believe it dude

me:  so hilarious

me:  im blogging it



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One Response to “The New Anthem”

  1. Ryan Hanna King Says:

    I just spit all over my computer when this song came on. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Thanks.

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