The Fall of The Storch



“I was burning through about $250,000 a month, mostly on partying,” he says, his voice low and measured. “I was spending money I had no business spending.” And his coke-fueled sense of invincibility had him believing he couldn’t fail as a star-maker; he became convinced he could make hit records for his onetime girlfriend Hilton and the unlikeliest of pop divas, Brooke Hogan. The results were disasters, and made Storch a punch line. “I was doing blow 24-7. It was out of control,” he says. “I love Brooke, but I did that shit because her father was putting all sorts of pressure on me.” He tosses a bag of Blackberry Kush, some of California’s finest medicinal-grade weed, onto the table. “Sure, it was fun. But the thing is, I didn’t make one good bit of music when I was high on coke. Not one bit.” He shakes his head and leaves the room.

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3 Responses to “The Fall of The Storch”

  1. A-Dub Says:

    Sounds about right. Having the power and using it is one thing, but having the power and abusing it is another.

    Let this be an example to all those who think the struggle is finished when you make it. That’s only the beginning because you can lose it at any moment…

  2. Ev Turn Says:

    I recommend my financial advisor, Chris Kobe.

  3. Little Neez Says:

    i was never really a fan of scott storch until reading this.

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