Little Bastard Zombie likes Turtles.


The conversation between these two individuals is amazing.  Neither seems to really care about what the other has to say.  The boy has one thing on his mind,  Slutty Turtles, and good for him.  The news lady has one thing on her mind, getting off work and hitting the bar before she has to go home to her horrible husband.  this is little neez signing off.


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4 Responses to “Little Bastard Zombie likes Turtles.”

  1. Enrique Enfuego Says:


  2. A-Dub Says:

    That kid knows what he wants out of life. That reporter needs to get her shizen together…

  3. garsh Says:

    bRaInS… Cowabunga!

  4. Air Jordan L’Style « the New Kingdom blog | Simply Bodacious. Says:

    […] By Ev Turn Jordan has begun distributing their new L’Style silhouette to select Jordans. Little zombie bastards like turtles, I like straps and air […]

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