Someone Get The First Aid Kit



Last night, as I walk into our studio to edit bass for “Can’t Quit”, I see this pathetic looking creature sitting down, completely sweaty, filthy, and of course, with a massive amount of tissue jammed up his nostrils.

I’ve seen Noah do bizarre shit before so I wasn’t phased at first, but I got concerned when I saw him hold an icy 24 oz of Old E on his nose, and blood dripping from the tissue.

His story is that he got headbutted playing basketball and broke his nose.

I think he’s lying.  I think this is an obvious case of SVNP otherwise known as Severe and Vicious/Violent Nose Picking.

Either way, sucks for the little guy.  Feel free to send him flowers, soda, or anything with a lot of sugar in it.



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One Response to “Someone Get The First Aid Kit”

  1. candiedcartel Says:

    Oh no!

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