Mars Volta is Back


mars volta

These crazy fucks are putting out their 5th album Octahedron on June 22nd. 

Peep the Volta’s new song “Since We’ve Been Wrong” here.

No, it’s not a Kelly Clarkson cover…but it is a little softer than the usual.

The last time I saw the Mars Volta perform was in NY about 5 years ago after Deloused In The Comatorium came out.  It was packed shoulder to shoulder and dudez in the crowd were getting overwhelming and being obnoxious for no reason, making it impossible to enjoy the show.  I look over to my buddy Jerrold who was getting frustrated too, and before I knew it, I smelled the rankiest fart of all time.  Within seconds, the crowd starts yelling and disperses, immediately creating a circle surrounding the two of us.  Everyone had complete disgust on their faces, putting their shirts over their noses and gasping for fresh air. 

I looked back at Jerrold, he smiled, and we enjoyed the rest of the concert in peace.



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2 Responses to “Mars Volta is Back”

  1. Trina Mitchell Says:

    HAAA! funny story. These guys are freaking incredible….seriously.

  2. Tyrone Calzone Says:

    can’t wait. i remember that story quite well. they played 3 songs in an hour and a half.

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