Nakedman of Taserland


First thing I think of, “This guy has it coming”.

Yea, this video is crazy, and definitely entertaining, but to be honest, I’m not mad at the cops and it actually irritated me to see the crowd of people circled around booing them.  C’mon people, this is what the cops are there for, YOUR safety…and if that means covering up your little johnny, then do it and keep the party going. Plus, the cops approached Nakey McGee very nicely, and we all know the last thing they wanted to do was wrestle a big naked hippy.

As much as we all loved the Woodstock Documentary, naked time doesn’t fly these days unfortunately.  And honestly, if you really had an issue with it, drop your camera phones and do something.



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3 Responses to “Nakedman of Taserland”

  1. A-Dub Says:

    The knee to the chest was excessive, but that dude was asking for it.

    You’re naked at a festival, you’ve been given 2+ minutes to clothe yourself, you throw away the clothes, you touch the officers, you talk shit, you resist arrest, they even tried to put the clothes on him and walk him out, but he still fought, got tased, still fought.

    That’s standard procedure in my opinion. Sucks it had to go down like that, but that’s how it had to go down…

  2. Marcus Miller Says:

    this makes me wanna buy a brand new bass and slam it over a hippie’s head.

  3. A-Dub Says:

    Upon further study of the tae, I’ve come to notice a few key elements.

    -It was AT LEAST 2 minutes+ before any action is taken against the guy

    -Once he gets taken to the ground at about 2:45, the guy tries to either grab the cops belt, weapon or nuts. It wasn’t until after this moment that the decision was made to tase him.

    -After being tased for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, the subject is then placed in a single hand cuff at about 4:30-4:50, 2+ after the incident escalated.

    I’ve said before, the knee to the chest and what I believe is an attempted choke maneuver were a bit excessive, but this dude asked for it.

    If that’s what it means to love peace and fight for freedom, count me out…

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