Street Fighter 4 Finals: Mike Ross


This is the Street Fighter 4 national finals that took place last Saturday.

My homebrodius Mike Ross (brother of Jon Ross), made it to the finals.

His character: E. Honda… You know, the big ass sumo wrestler known for the hundred hand slap and the flying torpedo headbutt.

Although Sir Ross lost this match, he is still undoubtedly ranked #2 in the country and will be slapping the shit out of dudes in Las Vegas at the EVO 2009 Tournament in July.

Thank you for giving me an excuse to go to Vegas.

In respect to Diddy’s “Hero Day“…Mike Ross, you are my hero.



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One Response to “Street Fighter 4 Finals: Mike Ross”

  1. Jonathan Marcus Ross Says:

    The lil’ niglette has made me proud.

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