Water is Fluid, No?


That’s what i thought, and with this type of attitude as you’ll see, it’s just the beginning to a life full of problems for Don.

Yes I know, it’s not funny. That’s why i’ll let you waste your life with Parts I & II.



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5 Responses to “Water is Fluid, No?”

  1. LIttle neez Says:

    i laughed. good enough for me. 11 seconds well spent.

  2. LaRoushe Says:

    I hate this guy so much he makes me feel so good.

  3. Marcus Miller Says:

    this looks like a bass-slapping good time, get some of that fluid in my water sweet cheeks.

  4. Enrique Enfuego Says:

    That’s not the first time that guy has released fluid off that balcony.
    I hate you all so much

  5. Tyrone Calzone Says:

    there was food in my breakfast.

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