Just As We Were Placing Our Bid…


Michael Jackson stopped the auction that was going down for over 2,000 pieces of memorabilia



Damn, we were about to get real snazzy for Snazzfest Vol. 2.

I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep now, thank you.



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3 Responses to “Just As We Were Placing Our Bid…”

  1. A-Dub Says:

    That broke MY heart and I could never afford those relics of shimmering excellence.

    Such legacy, such power, such FIRE!!!

    I grow weak imagining the pure energy contained in every last stone. No mere mortal is worthy of anything so glorious. He should sell them to the Smithsonian or the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

    Admission should be charged to drool in their presence…

  2. A-Dub Says:

    You may as well put Excalibur on Craigslist…

  3. Little Neez Says:

    oh my god. this is grand

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