GFYW: John Tesh is God



Get your cocoa puffs and lets do this.

If this isn’t enough, you should see the making of this masterpiece where John Tesh himself plays a recording from his own voicemail answer machine where he first sang the tune so he wouldn’t forget it. Then homedude rocks out.



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4 Responses to “GFYW: John Tesh is God”

  1. kAILaN Says:

    i love this!

  2. bAjA♥♣♠♣♥ Says:

    I’ve showed this to all my friends, and they also love it. more than anything they’ve ever seen before.

  3. bAjA♥♣♠♣♥ Says:

    he’s definitely god. wow! amazing stuff, really!

  4. coolmeesle Says:

    dude rulez!

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