Evan Turner vs. Whoopie Pies



Our marvelous drummer Mr. Evan Turner loves food.  He loves food so much that he’ll cause himself pain from eating on a regular basis, just because food is that good.  But, more than anything, he loves chocolate.  And when chocolate is involved, things can get a little dangerous.

So after reading this article on Whoopie Pies, I immediately threw up the challenge.

How many Whoopie Pies can this Manity of a man consume?

…in one sitting.

My vote: 12



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3 Responses to “Evan Turner vs. Whoopie Pies”

  1. Tyrone Calzone Says:


  2. Little Neez Says:

    those look disgusting. what is that white shit on the inside?

  3. Enrique Enfuego Says:


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