Granny is the homie


My GMA is almost 90 years old.   Insane. She has been thru so much i could live twice and not see what her mind knows.   I talk to her about everything: Sex, drugs, booze, life, death,  you know… the usual day to day things anyone would converse with their granny about. She tells me about shit she did in her life, (things most wouldn’t want to hear their grandmother say), and i tell her about much of my ridiculous endeavors (things most grandmothers would never want to hear their grandson say).  All in all, I love this crazy lady.  Peace to 1920!!!

P.S.  how fly is her jacket!!! What old lady wheres a jacket like that?n1265203157_30233618_3911


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One Response to “Granny is the homie”

  1. Trina Mitchell Says:

    Awwww very cute Noah!! 🙂 you’re a lucky man!

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