Silkk the Shocker Bass Lines Rule


And not to mention…the brilliant vocal recording.

Who remembers this always coming on The Box?




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4 Responses to “Silkk the Shocker Bass Lines Rule”

  1. Trina Mitchell Says:

    my responses are becoming inevitable…..”I hope you don’t mind”

    The box?? woowww….super throwback. So is silkk the shocker…

    you’re soo witty! it’s awesome

  2. LaRoushe Says:

    I’m all about Master P’s green jacket

  3. Trina Mitchell Says:

    Of course. No Limit Clothing = major swagg

  4. Little Neez Says:

    first of all asshole, F&ck beyonce and u know this. second, i played basketball with silk a couple times so he’s the homie. he can do no wrong in my book. those vocals overdubs are crazy tho. when i was a kid i didnt understand how two voices could be happening at once. haha. no limit!!!!!!!!

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