Chucks: Pink Floyd Edition


pink-floyd-converse-rLook out LaRoushe, we gotta theme running. Pink Floyd’s iconic “The Dark Side of the Moon” album cover has now been plastered on the side of Converse’s legendary Chuck Taylors.

Along with this makeup, Converse has worked up a Chuck Taylor low and Jack Purcell from “The Dark Side of the Moon” alongside an “Animals” and “Wish You Were Here” Chuck Taylor High. Stay tuned for a further look into the entire collection.

Nice colorway, but even better album.

via STREEThing.



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18 Responses to “Chucks: Pink Floyd Edition”

  1. Trina Mitchell Says:

    These are dope! ….I want ’em

  2. Tyrone Calzone Says:

    pretty fresh indeed.

  3. Chuckiie Says:

    these shoes are dope. Anyway i can buy em?

  4. CDS Says:

    how can i order these??!

  5. Athena Says:

    How can I buy them? They are amazing!!

  6. Vickie Gomez Says:


  7. Diego ;D Says:

    I got this one ;D!

  8. Vortex Says:

    I just received mine today!! They are great, even better in real life, and I couldn´t be happier.. oh wait, yes, I could… cause I really, really .. REALLY want to get the Wish you Were Here edition, but I just can´t find them anywhere.. 😦

  9. PinkFloyd911 Says:

    i want them!

  10. Chelsey Says:

    OMFG Beast ass shoes(; damn i love Pink Floyd, listening too dogs right now!

  11. Krispy Says:

    I hated converse till now…i need these shoes!

  12. douglas Says:

    i got a brand new pair of pik floyd converse this is the bid price us$250.00
    this is my email

  13. FrankSinatra Says:

    i so want these! how do i get them?

  14. nahuel Says:

    donde las puedo comprar..¿ aca ?

  15. carly Says:

    if anyone knows how to get these ,
    please tell me ❤ , they are a beauty .

  16. Renars Says:

    where can I get them !!!! please contact me

  17. Pinkfloyd Fan Says:

    Damn I want these dude, how much.

  18. aatish Says:

    hey where can i get one
    i want it

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