Video Clash Fridays: TV Theme Songs


vcfBecause we only have a minute or so to compose something that will be played repeatedly and is meant to set the mood for the rest of the next 30 minutes. Lets get this fest of bodaciousness started…


“Family Matters”

“Well then there must be some magic clue inside these tearful walls!!”


Golden Girls


“Perfect Strangers”


“Kenan & Kel”


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3 Responses to “Video Clash Fridays: TV Theme Songs”

  1. Tyrone Calzone Says:

    damnson, oren’s has the most intense opening. sample those drums son!

  2. LaRoushe Says:

    Fucking Golden Gaels.

  3. Little Neez Says:

    So heres the synopsis: Family Matters is the meat and potatoes. We all know and loved that show. Golden Girls is outrageous but the song is genuinely good. Perfect Strangers was an unexpected and such a on point selection by mr. chambers. Kenan and Kel was totally out of no where. i forgot about that damn show.
    Little Neez says the winner comes down between Perfect Strangers and Kenan and Kel. Though Perfect Strangers has “Balky” who is an amazing man, Kenan and Kel has coolio doing the intro. . . The winner is KENAN AND KEL!!

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