INTRODUCING: Video Clash Fridays


Allow us to introduce an new theme here on ComeRoundHere called Video Clash Fridays. See, every Friday the 4 gentlemen of New Kingdom will select a video they think is worthy of bodacious exposure. These videos will range from guilty pleasures to serious shize across the board. Let’s rock…


Fine Young Cannibals – “She Drives Me Crazy”

“All it takes is a hop, skip, and a jump…let’s dance. Happy Friday”


Justice vs. Simian – “Never Be Alone”

“Because you can sleep when you’re dead.”


Soul For Real – “Candy Rain”

Click the video to watch on Youtube.


Sinead O’Conner“Nothing Compares to You”

Yeah… we’re a bunch of bitches.


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One Response to “INTRODUCING: Video Clash Fridays”

  1. Little Neez Says:

    i think Joe has the best song. Evan has the best video. My pick kept it the most real. And homie on the keys aka oren is straight tripping. until next friday folks.

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