Warning: This Gets Bloody


I had the pleasure of watching the new Hulk vs. Wolverine last night…

AmC (10:12:12 AM): yes!
AmC (10:12:39 AM): hah!
AmC (10:12:57 AM): hulk pounding his face
AmC (10:13:04 AM): amazingly violent

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2 Responses to “Warning: This Gets Bloody”

  1. Little Neez Says:

    awesome. i like wolverines initial move, jumping on his back. but damn, his face got pounded. poor bastard.

  2. A-Dub Says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t think Wolverine would have actually survived that punch with a metal skull. Even though his healing factor would regenerate any damage, but The Hulk has got to put a dent in it.

    That metal should have deformed and Wolverine should be messed up for life. Hulk wins…

    Hulk – 1
    The Rest – 0

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