F*ck The Police


In September I got pulled over for making a right turn on red without fully stopping.  My side of the story…the light was yellow when I made the turn.  The cop pulled me over, said I was driving like a maniac and gave me a ticket.  I went to court on monday in hopes he wouldn’t show up.

He showed up. So now, $429 later, I have to do 8 hours of traffic school.

This morning, a police officer pulled up next to me and yelled “HEY!! GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!!”

The thing was, it wasn’t my cell phone.  It was a bagel in my hand.  Fucking idiot.

If I was in my impala, I probably would’ve gone to jail for Driving and Bageling.



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2 Responses to “F*ck The Police”

  1. Tyrone Calzone Says:

    i can’t even write something witty. cops are the worst. and from the bottom of my heart, fuck the police.

  2. Little Neez Says:

    yes!! BOY AND ANARSKI!!!!

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