X-Men Origins-Wolverine: This Video Game is gonna be amazing…



Ok, so here’s the deal.  There’s a new door that’s going to open on this blog, and its video games.  I dont know how many people who check this page are into video games, but hopefully i will show u things that will shed some light as to why you should.  Did you ever play with action figures as a kid?  Have you ever gotten smashed by yourself and wondered why your life turned out as it has? then lets rock.  Wolverine is a legend, we all know this. But never has a game encompassed all the elements that will truly allow a gamer to genuinely feel the experience of playing as Logan.  Since the game has not been released yet, obviously i have not played it, but based on the reviews i’ve read, and on the screen shots i’ve seen, i’m willing to get hopeful.  In a nut shell. Wolverines special powers are : rapid healing ability,  (he could get HIV and his immune system would laugh),  his indestructible beyond razor sharp claws,  and his mad man all out mentality. For the first time it seems that we are able to fully explore these abilities.  We can use these deadly claws to violently and gorily sever body parts from enemies. Conventionally in video games,  when a character receives damage, they have a health bar which determines the amount of “life” the player has.  In this game,  you actually see the deterioration of wolverines flesh, down to his metal bones. If you avoid adversary contact for a short period of time, he will heal and again flesh will cover the skeleton. These are small examples for what seems to be a very well thought out game. I look forward to its release in the next few months.

P.S. ” pour some liquor on the curb for the homies that deserve it.” 2pac r.i.p.

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One Response to “X-Men Origins-Wolverine: This Video Game is gonna be amazing…”

  1. A-Dub Says:

    Are the game sessions coming back…

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