Remembering… Juiceface


For those who have already seen it… keep it moving.

For those who haven’t, shall we?

This is a dedication to the starring actor who, as I type,  is literally playing a mandatory game of organized basketball under incredibly harsh circumstances due to the events that took place this morning last evening. Here’s to you, Jyyyyohnny.



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3 Responses to “Remembering… Juiceface”

  1. People Hate On Me Because I Drive a Mercedes Benz 2010 SLS AMG « the New Kingdom blog | Simply Bodacious. Says:

    […] I sincerely apologize to Steve Johnson. […]

  2. B*ners In Bed « the New Kingdom blog | Simply Bodacious. Says:

    […] would be unfair of me to not reference Juiceface. So I […]

  3. B*ners In Bed « New Kingdom says hi. Says:

    […] As much as I can’t even count on one hand how many honors this fine motion picture masterpiece has received, I am confident this will only fuel your hate for me and my family. Boners In Bed was something Noah and I made years ago. and often inside jokes don’t translate well, especially with minimal dialogue for more on this issue please see Juiceface. […]

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