I Don’t Clean, I’m Not Clean. Ok?


UPDATE: Full video pulled, so here’s the :20 seconds of juice.



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4 Responses to “I Don’t Clean, I’m Not Clean. Ok?”

  1. Little Neez Says:

    absolutely fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Little Neez Says:

    i’m sorry but god damn this shit is funny……..

  3. Little Neez Says:

    damn i just realized there only the twenty second version now. :(( still funny.

  4. Little Neez Says:

    i will not stop commenting on this, and the reason is because it is amazing. i mean, unbelievably amazing. i just cant say that enough. it is in the top rankings of best things ive come across in my young life. i wish the full video wasnt pulled, but what u gonna do. however, let us all be glad we still have at least 20 seconds of legitimate genius to let us know what is good and bad about life. i’m gonna grub a leftover burrito that i got from el coyote with joe. but let me leave on this note, this video is fucking amazing.

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