A Recap: MC Joaquin Phoenix




This fucking guy.  So now they’re saying it’s all a hoax and that he was planning this “art project” where he documents himself as a retired actor turned rapper and that Diddy and Casey Affleck were both in on it.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, if this is a hoax, it would’ve been much doper to not reveal it until the “art project” was done. 

That face…



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2 Responses to “A Recap: MC Joaquin Phoenix”

  1. New Kingdom Says:

    art project. what the hell?

  2. A-Dub Says:

    So since it’s an art project it’s okay? Sorry homie, you get sent back to Go, no $200.

    Making an ass of yourself by any other name is still making an ass of yourself. Now go a make a movie and hope we forget about this shenanigan. Diddy milked your tits…

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