Chun Li? Chun Li, Chun Li.


The Legend of Chun Li, the new Street Fighter movie, comes out Feb. 27, 2009… (Sigh)…

1. Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog….and he’s blowing shit up with a rocket launcher.
2. Ummm, Vega.
3. Actress Moon Bloodgood. Bloodgood. Fucking Bloodgood!!!
4. I hope this is better than when Van Damme was Guile… too soon?
5. Why?



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2 Responses to “Chun Li? Chun Li, Chun Li.”

  1. oberonthefool Says:

    what. the. f*ck.
    seriously? do we need this?
    Just go watch Street Fighter: The Animated Movie. Everything else produced with the SF name on it is crap.

  2. Warren Says:

    God, this movie is so relevant.

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