Paul’s Boutique (Part Deux)



Save the date!

January 27th 2009, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique. The album is being reissued, totally remastered, and includes commentary g by Adrock, MCA, and Mike D about the making of each son.

In honor of this, let’s play a little game called “Dude, where’s my sample?” The winner will get a 1.75L of Duggans Irish Cream.

1. Where’s the guitar sample from in “Johnny Ryall”?

2. On “Shake Your Rump”, what song is the main drum fill from?

3. Where is the moaning coming from in “High Plains Drifter?”

4. Funkadelic’s “I bet you”….??

5. Where is the helicopter sound from The Beatles song “Back in USSR” located on Paul’s Boutique?

**Bonus Question**

Let’s keep it clean,



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