Sagawafuji. Wood Styles.


Don’t have 20/20 vision? Then you’re a candidate for having a reason to upgrade your snazz factor.  Eyewear company Sagawafuji masterfully crafts wooden frames. Be careful, not as sturdy as standard frames, but quite fresh.



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3 Responses to “Sagawafuji. Wood Styles.”

  1. tyler yanosky Says:

    does this company have a website? i tried to look it up but i found nothing.

  2. Rachel & Merrilee Says:

    Every pair looks very organic. Are these hand carved? It is too cool to see glasses that come one step closer to alive! They resound with the feeling of other natural materials in the solid softness of the forms.
    We make some eyewear at MERCURA NYC with bamboo wood that are each created by us. Yours are as beautiful as eyewear can be!

  3. Leonard Says:

    Almost one year later and still no website or other location on earth where we can buy the worldwide admired Sagawafuji glasses. STRANGE! Do they really exist or is Sagawafuji just a fata morgana?

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