Unlock the Freshness: Paul Dateh’s “Be More”



If you haven’t heard of Paul Dateh, you are sleeping and that is okay…..because Yoel is about to wake your bun buns up! Paul Dateh is a phenomenal singer and violinst from L.A. who has been playing practically all of his life. He has toured all over Europe, played shows with legends like Chuck D, and has even had one of his videos (of him playing the violin with DJ Inka One) played on ABC Primetime a few months ago.

Now Paul Dateh has been working hard in the ‘stew’, and has finally finished his first LP, “Be More”. The lead-off single, also entitled “Be More,” is currently offered on Amazon and eMusic and you should definitely check it out mayne!  Its a violin instrumental written by Paul Dateh and yours truly. I can’t say enough about how amazing Paul is as a musician, not to mention he has graced the stage with us on many occasions and brought the house down for real.  Click the link below to read what LA Weekly said about him in a three page spread few weeks ago, and make sure to check out the new tune. Come round here.–Yoel

Click Here to Read the LA Weekly article

Paul Dateh’s “Be More” , Click Here to Listen


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