Zep Without Plant?


So by now, I’m sure you’ve heard rumors that Led Zeppelin is on the search for another frontman so they can start touring again.  John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Jason Bonham are still juicing off their performance at 02 last year and want to keep this new spirit alive…meanwhile, Robert Plant is currently touring with Allison Krauss and doesn’t really have any interest in getting the band back together at this point.  Yes, it may be fun to see Page and Jones play a bunch of classics, but without Plant, I can’t help but feel that the whole dynamic will be completely watered down.  It’s almost going to seem like a cover band if they get a replacement for Plant.  Granted, tons of people will still see this combination of musicians perform, and Page’s solos will obviously be emaculate, there will be an undeniable emptiness that permeates the music.  I mean, any nostalgic feelings you want to experience will be eliminated the second you hear a different voice attempt to sing these legendary tunes.  Sure, it’ll still be a fun night and you can tell all your friends that you saw half of Led Zeppelin perform, but I’d personally rather watch old live videos of them on youtube.  Shyea.



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