Happy Birthday Bootsy


59 years ago today, Bootsy Collins entered this world to give us nothing but the greasiest, sexiest music to ever penetrate our hearts and earholes.  Playing with James Brown, Funkadelic, Parliament, as well as leading his own solo career, Bootsy has had a profound influence on music for the past four decades.  When I saw George Clinton perform last year at the Greek Theatre, the show was pretty dull and watered down up until Bootsy came out and played bass during “We Got The Funk.”  He brought an instant electric surge to the show that immediately lifted every single person out of their seat.  When the song ended, Bootsy jumped in the crowd and led a sing-a-long for about ten minutes that was eventually stopped by security trying to get everyone to leave.  Definitely one of the most memorable concert moments of my life.

Happy Birthday Bootsy.



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One Response to “Happy Birthday Bootsy”

  1. LilBit Says:

    Bootsy is straight funky and I like it. I caught him on tv recently doing his thing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5xvShc_GKY

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