The Year 2008: The Who on VH1


YES! One of the loudest, livest, and most classic rock bands in history is taking the stage tonight at UCLA’s Pauley Arena for the special event, VH1 Rock Honors: The Who. The last and only time I saw The Who must’ve been about 7 years ago at the Hollywood Bowl…with Josh Groban as one of the openers. Indeed, it was exhausting and torturous to sit through Groban, but when The Who took the stage, there was an immediate electric surge that blew off my hat and lifted my lady’s skirt (always a plus). Even though this was The Who minus Entwhistle and Moon, I thought Daltrey and Townshend still held it down thick, sharing with us the vibe and rock spirit that my parents witnessed 30 years prior. They are scheduled to start a US tour with their first dates here in LA at the Nokia Theatre on November 8th and 9th so check out they’re website for more details, Also, make sure to catch the VH1 special which airs next Thursday, July 17th. After you’ve gotten yourself in rockout mode, come to The Troubadour on Friday, July 18th to catch New Kingdom and Inverse totally rocking soft.


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